Arusha Souvenir Market

Visit a souvenir market

Tanzanians are masters in handicrafts and art. Don’t miss out on bargaining for a beautiful souvenir!

The markets have an enormous amount of stalls selling all sorts of local arts and crafts, from paintings to jewelry, wood carvings, and clothes. The people are very friendly and it is a great experience, especially since you will be accompanied by your guide who can help you to negotiate and help you to find the best stalls.

Of course, you’re going to be besieged by salesmen. But at the same time here competition is fierce and prices are falling to a reasonable level. Moreover, the choice is vast, you will necessarily find your happiness. Outside there is the YeYo Maasai (mothers) who sell their own work, mostly pearl jewelry, and inside there are a lot of souvenirs of all kinds, but mainly Maasai. Compare, bargain, and make your bets!

Souvenirs (and a few high-quality items) are here at Curios & Crafts Market, often incorrectly called the Maasai Market. Hard bargaining is required, but it’s worth persisting, as the market has the widest selection in central Arusha.

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